Don't forget how valuable a CV is; 8 reminders why

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

One of the core beliefs behind My CV Guide is the genuine value of a CV. Don’t get distracted by the feeling that writing or updating yours is a hassle you could do without, or that modern technology or selection processes put them at risk of becoming obsolete. CVs are still entirely relevant and here are 8 reminders of their genuine value and why having a great CV is so important.

First impressions count

We are all more than familiar with the saying and a CV is often making the first impression of you to a potential employer. Make it a good one.

It is a key means of communication

Good communication allows you to get more information across to someone and creates greater connection and engagement with them. You wouldn’t mumble to someone incoherently and expect them to understand you or send a really badly written email and hope it makes a positive impact. A CV is no different and can be the only voice you have in the initial stages of a recruitment process.

It allows people to find you

A CV is not only of value when you make applications to specific roles. If your CV is available to hiring managers or recruiters through databases or job boards that it has been uploaded to then it is searchable. It can therefore attract interest and bring opportunities to you, rather than you only being considered for those roles that you have put yourself forward for. By allowing people to find you in this way, it can open doors that you wouldn’t be able to yourself and can be working for you in the background whilst you are busy committed to your current role or occupied with any other demands that you have on your time.

If it feels like a hassle, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it

If you don’t want to write or update a CV, the thought of doing so is off putting and feels like a hassle you could do without. Those feelings can be for a number of reasons such as how equipped you feel to undertake the task or how much time you have available for doing so, but they are no reflection of how valuable your CV is. It’s a true asset to you, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes!

There’s so much to gain… or miss out on!

Employment is more than just what you are paid to do. It impacts on your life and therefore the lives of those closest to you in various ways. It can dictate earning potential, the hours you work and the distances you travel. It may connect or clash with your values and beliefs, plays a huge role in the daily social interactions available to you and can significantly impact on your general health and well being in both positive and negative ways. There are huge variations between what different roles and employers offer in any of these capacities and a CV can be the difference between you being considered for them or not. There is a lot at stake.

You may use it more often

Career mobility and the chance to move more fluidly between roles and employers is becoming more prevalent and accepted in career paths than it was a generation ago. As such, you may well find yourself navigating your career more dynamically and therefore reaching for your CV more frequently then in the past.

They are far from obsolete

There are exciting developments in technology and recruitment practices that point towards progression and future development beyond the humble CV in its historic form. But don’t make the mistake of questioning whether CVs are still relevant. They most certainly are. Of all the potential employers you may come across, there will always be those who adopt new ways of working earlier than others and some who will positively resist change. It would also need to be such a significant shift change across the entire business world for CVs to disappear, that it is inconceivable that this wouldn’t take years and arguably decades to happen, if it even were to. Don’t neglect your CV in the meantime. You would miss out on countless opportunities if you did.

It creates an important skill set

Even when recruitment practices do significantly evolve and change, there will always be benefit to understanding how to best represent yourself within selection processes in whatever form that may take. Equipping yourself to be able to write and update a great CV therefore provides a skill set that will transcend beyond current recruitment practices. It is worth developing.

So in conclusion, the humble CV is a powerful asset that can be alongside you, supporting you throughout your entire working life. It is worth looking after. Is yours getting the attention and consideration it deserves?

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