How to write a CV: Contact Details

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

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First up, your Contact Details

The Purpose

Contact Details are a critical part of a CV as they enable you to be contacted. As simple as that. If somebody likes the look of your CV they need to be able to get hold of you to progress you in their recruitment process. There are also other factors to consider as well depending on your personal circumstances and situation.

Top CV Tips

Only provide contact details that are relevant

How will they want to contact you? You don’t need to provide your full postal address or multiple phone numbers. Just use the best number to call you on, email address and your town, county (or area and city if that is more appropriate) as an idea of your location is useful. A postcode is worth keeping in as it may help you to be found as a candidate on database searches.

Check accuracyand then double check

Any typo on an email address or missed digit off a phone number could make you uncontactable. Not only would that opportunity be missed, but they wouldn’t be able to contact you to let you know about the mistake before you sent your CV off again! As an extra tip, make sure you haven’t included a full stop at end of your email address. It can parse onto candidate management systems and potentially make the email invalid.

Cover relocation if you are applying for roles in a different location to where you currently live

Use a new address if one is secured or state “Relocating to..” to show that it is a deliberate and committed move to the specific area. You can elaborate on this in your personal profile, cover letters or applications but just address the fact that taking up the position applied to wouldn’t be logistically challenging or create a risk for the prospective employer.

Make sure your email address and voicemail are appropriate

Re-record your voicemail message or open a new email account purely for managing your job search if you need to.

Include profile links, but only if relevant

Do include links to professional profiles or portfolios, but only if they are credible, relevant and are of value to the reader. Also double check that links work and take you to what they are supposed to.

Good luck writing your CV. Contact Details are only a small part of what you will cover, but are critical to get right!

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