CV Review

CV Review

Upload your existing CV for review and feedback. Your CV will be reviewed from the perspective of a recruiter or hiring manager and so will provide you with direct and personal feedback on how to strengthen and improve your CV along with further suggestions and supporting materials for self-review and improvement for any future changes or amendments you may look to make.

  • Upload your current CV for review and feedback.

  • Typical turnaround time for feedback is within 72 hours, with the opportunity to highlight need for a quicker response if urgent.

  • Personalised email received on submission of your CV, confirming that it has uploaded successfully and providing an anticipated turnaround time for you to receive feedback.

  • Feedback will be provided via a copy of your CV with comment boxes highlighting the key areas of improvement. 

  • It will be a manageable number of key points, typically 5 to 10, that you receive back. 

  • These may be specific corrections, wider feedback that cover the whole document or particular sections of it and will be a combination of definitive changes or areas to think about and consider.

  • All feedback provided will be designed to be clear, easily applied and result in identifiable improvement to your CV. 

  • You will also receive a document containing a step-by-step review process for your CV

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